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Guests of the Zündel family

“We’re not easy to find, but when you do find us, you’ll find we’re good”.

This true statement dates back to the early days of the Schrannenhof. And now, 17 years later, countless regular guests appreciate the genuine, down-to-earth enjoyment of staying here with the Zündels.
As of 2014 the Zündel family also took over the running of Hotel Elisabeth, and here too the comfort and satisfaction of the guests is their top priority.

"We always do our utmost to ensure that your holiday is the highlight of the year…"

Viktor Zündel


Hotelier and farmer

As head of the household, Viktor divides his time equally between the needs of his guests and those of his animals in the Schrannenhof. Whether he’s working in the barn milking the cows and goats, in the riding school, in the hen house, or busy keeping an eye on the farm produce, such as the delicious goat’s cheese; whatever he undertakes, Viktor always does it with unbelievable commitment.

In the hotel’s own restaurant Schrannenhof, he works tirelessly to ensure the guests’ every comfort. Viktor cuts an especially dashing figure as DJ during après-ski in the hotel bar, although he always the principal contact person, popping up magically whenever needed. As a result he knows his guests’ preferences better than anyone. Viktor is also a visionary, the creative member of the family, not afraid to try out new things. He gets his best ideas by putting himself in his guests’ shoes.


The kitchen is her kingdom

There is strength in serenity: true to this motto, Maria’s keeps a careful and conscientious eye on what goes on in her kitchen. Maria’s amazing cooking ability, all learned from scratch, is legendary. Her cuisine is based on quality and the exclusive use of carefully selected fresh local produce, including meat, eggs, milk, butter and cheese from the family’s own farm. Receiving the cultural heritage award is proof enough that, where the guests are concerned, only the best is good enough.

Another of Maria’s great passions is interior design. Maria is the ultimate perfectionist and pays incredible attention to detail, a fact very much in evidence everywhere. Exuding an air of benign serenity, Maria is the Schrannenhof’s fairy godmother. She takes care of the well-being of her guests, family and team, and always has a sympathetic and attentive ear when needed.

Maria Zündel
Daniel Zündel


A dynamic all-round talent

Whenever there is work to be done, whether in Hotel Elisabeth or in the Schrannenhof, in the restaurant or on the farm – junior manager Daniel is there, energetically getting stuck in. As a qualified electrician and a naturally skilled craftsman, there is always plenty for him to do. When the hotel is closed between the seasons, he is always there to lend a hand with any major or minor renovation and repair work that needs doing.

His uncomplicated, outgoing personality has ensured him general popularity. His sincerity and the way he puts his heart and soul into everything he does has endeared him to the guests in particular. As a result, no-one was surprised when in 2014, together with Viktor, he took over the running of Hotel Elisabeth. And as if this were not enough, in 2015 he trained as a biomass and bioenergy technician, building and running the power station in Gräsalp. This, together with the small power station next to the Hermann holiday chalet, supplies heat for Hotel Elisabeth and 41 households in Schoppernau.

It’s hard to believe that this bundle of energy still has time to indulge in hobbies such as skiing, mountaineering and tennis!


Creative support

Sabrina, Maria and Viktor’s daughter, studied marketing and sport in Innsbruck. For many years she was responsible for the marketing of the Diedamskopf cable car company and naturally also for the Schrannenhof. Now she lives nearby with her husband, Peter, and their tree daughters Luisa, Ramona and Lara and comes to visit the Schrannenhof whenever she can. She is still deeply committed to the hotel, and can always be depended on to help out in times of need.

Sabrina Zündel
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