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Bregenz Art Gallery

Benefitting from the special light quality on Lake Constance, the KUB - Kunsthaus Bregenz (Bregenz art gallery) is the home of modern art in Vorarlberg.

Bregenz Art Gallery, with the Kub cafe in the foreground

KUB –a great piece of Vorarlberg artistic design

Designed by the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the multi award-winning KUB (Bregenz Art Gallery) is recognised as one of the leading examples of its kind in the history of contemporary architecture. Designed to utilise a maximum amount of daylight, the building attracts attention through its striking exterior and the uncompromising execution of its spatial concept.

Thanks to the inspired use of material and form, the ground floor and the three other levels stacked up above it unite to form a single entity giving great artistic potential. The architecture offers artists a tangible standard and conceptual impetus for forthcoming exhibitions, and especially for the fostering of fresh inspiration. As a result, the architecture itself becomes an indispensable platform for the development of the international exhibition programme.

In the light of Lake Constance

“The art gallery is bathed in the light of Lake Constance.

The bones of the building are made from sheets of glass, steel and a poured concrete stone mass, which together lend the interior of the building space and structure. From outside the building gleams like a lantern. Picking up the changing light in the sky and the mistiness of the lake, it radiates light and colour; depending on the angle of vision, time of day and weather conditions, it imparts a sense of what is happening within.”  

Peter Zumthor, Architect

Bregenz Art Gallery
Tel +43-5574-485 94-0

Virtual visit of KUB

Virtual visit of KUB

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