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Schrannenhof menu

Our menu is very practical. We cook using seasonal produce and all our food is freshly prepared.

regionale Produkte


Sustainable and healthy

Where possible we use produce such as eggs, meat, milk, butter and cheese, from our own farm. Additional ingredients are sourced from other local providers: the village butcher, Schoppernau alpine dairy, Fetz bakery, etc. In principle we buy everything we can from the Bregenzerwald region.

Download our menu (PDF)

Beef, veal

From our own farm or locally from the Schoppernau butcher Oswald Baurenhas,

Young venison

From our own farm or Martin Feuerstein, Bizau


From our own farm


Schoppernau dairy

Yoghurt, curd cheese, cream and sour cream with the AMA seal of approval

Vorarlberg Milk, Feldkirch

Farmhouse yoghurt

Franz Kohler’s farm, Au


From our own farm or from Rankweil dairy (free range)

Potatoes, carrots, cabbages, apples and sauerkraut (year-round)

From local farms and the Lake Constance region via Fruchtexpress, Frastanz


Güfel trout farm, Meiningen

Speciality cheeses

From the Bregenzerwald gourmet cheese area via the Schoppernau alpine dairy (mountain cheese)


Please consult the proprietress/head chef!

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